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Cookie Policy

We, Gourmet´s International S.r.l., with legal seat in Italy, Merano 39012 (BZ), Via B. Johannes 9, use cookies and similar software tools such as HTML5 Storage or Local Shared Objects (together “cookies”) to identify your interests and particularly popular areas of our websites and use this information to improve the design of our websites and make them even more user-friendly. For the same purposes we use the analysis tools Google Analytics; cookies may also be used here.



Cookies are small files that are placed on your desktop, notebook or mobile device by a website you visit. From this we can, for example, recognize whether there has already been a connection between your device and our websites, or which language or other settings you prefer. Cookies may also contain personal data.

By using our websites, you agree to the use of cookies.


We use cookies to make the WineHunter website easier to use, to deliver a personalised experience on our websites, and to better tailor our products, services and websites to your interests and needs. Cookies are used to help speed up your future activities and your experience on the WineHunter website.

Lastly, we use cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use our websites and to help us improve their structure and content and also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on WineHunter and non-WineHunter websites.

More detailed information about the types of cookies we use and for what purposes, can be found in the below relevant section.


There are two types of cookies used:

  1. Session cookies expire as soon you close the browser and are most commonly used to help users navigate the site by storing information on their location and the pages they have visited. An example of this could be a site with a login process; in order for the site to remember that you are logged in a cookie must be stored, otherwise every time you move to a new page you will be logged out.
  2. Persistent or permanent cookies remain on your computer once you have closed the browser down, relying on a time limit for self-deletion. Most of these range from 30 days to 1 year, but it’s possible for them to last until 3012. These are most commonly used for personalising a web experience, so that the site “remembers” you from previous visits, or other sites, and can display relevant information

All cookies can be permanently disabled using your browser’s security options, although most websites will fail to function correctly without cookies.





PURPOSE: This cookie is used to maintain information about each visit to the website and enable core site functionality. This cookie does not contain any personal information, and only lasts for the duration of user’s visit, being deleted as soon as a user closes a web browser.

EXPIRATION: End of session

ORIGIN: Third party (



PURPOSE: This Google Analytics cookie is used by Google Analytics to monitor requests rate toward their servers. This cookie helps Gourmet´s International to identify website areas to be improved and the _gat cookie does not allow Gourmet´s International to identify user personally as no personal information or data is tracked.

EXPIRATION: End of session

ORIGIN: First party

There are third party cookies active on the website and its subdomains.





PURPOSE: A third party analytics.js: Used to distinguish users.


ORIGIN: Third party (



PURPOSE: A third party analytics.js: Used to distinguish users.

EXPIRATION: 730 days

ORIGIN: Third party (


COOKIE NAME: tmpl_lang

PURPOSE: This cookies saves the prefered language of the user and makes sure that if you sign up to our newsletter, you reviece the newsletter in the language of your choice.

EXPIRATION: 365 days

ORIGIN: Third party (



Google Analytics cookies are classified as first party cookies as they are set by our website domain, although Google collects and processes information from our use of Google Analytics. To find out more about how Google handles information collected from Google Analytics, see Google Analytics’ privacy policy, which is available here: Safeguarding your data

For information on how Google uses data from cookies it uses, please visit < a href=””>Google Privacy Information

To opt out of Google Analytics tracking across all websites in general, you can do so here: Google Analytics Opt Out


You can also visit our website without consenting to the use of cookies. This means that you can refuse such use and delete cookies at any time by making the appropriate settings on your device. This is done as follows:

1. Most browsers are pre-set to automatically accept cookies. You can change this setting by activating the setting *do not accept cookies* in your browser.

The procedures for changing your settings and cookies differ from browser to browser. If necessary, use the help function on your browser or click on one of the links below to go directly to the user manual for your browser.

There are also software products available that can manage cookies for you.

2. You can delete existing cookies at any time. You can find out how this works in detail in the instructions of your browser or device manufacturer.

3. For information on deactivating Local Shared Objects, see the following link:

Information on deactivating Local Shared Objects

4. Like the use of cookies, their rejection or deletion is also linked to the device used and also to the browser used in each case. You must therefore reject or delete the cookies separately for each of your devices and, if you use several browsers, also for each browser.

5. If you decide against the use of cookies, it is possible that not all functions of our websites are available to you or that individual functions are only available to you to a limited extent.



Gourmet´s International may amend this Cookie Policy at any time without notice. By continuing to use the Website, you agree to the updated Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to any changes that we make, you should not use or access (or continue to use or access) the Website. Any changes to our Cookie Policy will be posted to this page.