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WineHunter USA

VI edition
29-31 March 2020

The interest in Italian wine and food excellencies is a growing phenomenon in the U.S. The attention towards high-quality products deriving from Italy and capable to mirror its history and tradition are receiving great attention by the American audience.

It is the event’s desire to create an atmosphere of sharing and discovering novelties selected by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher, president of the Merano WineFestival and co-founder of the WineHunter Society in America. This society aims to create a harmonic connection between consumers and wine, offering tangible opportunities to taste, smell, discuss with the producers the romance of their product.

The event is held in the cities of Houston and New Orleans and is organized in collaboration with the ITALY-AMERICA Chamber of Commerce in Texas.

The past edition in numbers:

• 18 producers of wine and oil
• More than 60 trade visitors
• About 30 private visitors

New Orleans:
• 15 producers of wine and oil
• More than 25 trade visitors
• Over 100 visitors of the Italian consulate of Philadelphia

The event will be confirmed on January 7th 2020 with a minimum of 15 producers.


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