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WineHunter Zürich

June 3rd 2019

Grand Kameha Zürich

WineHunter Zürich is the first event in the Swiss city organized by Gourmet’s International in collaboration with the magazine Vinum.

Set in a unique and elegant location, WineHunter Zürich is the opportunity to get to know the best of Italy’s production. The event is targeted to a professional audience of experts and journalists in the wine field. Do not miss the chance to taste in one evening a selection of Italian wines, chosen by Helmuth Köcher, organizer of the Merano WineFestival.

Also a guided tastings, a Masterclass is taking place and will be lead by Helmuth Köcher, The WineHunter himself. Get to know different vintages of a specific wine in a calm setting, while listening to the story behind the wine and its production. The topic of the tasting is yet to be defined.

In order to affirm the presence of an expert Swiss audience the event is organized in collaboration with Vinum, leading Swiss magazine for the world of wine. Founded in 1980, Vinum is the biggest European magazine devoted to wine. Its readership comes from France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Spain. Every month it presents to its public more than 300 selected wines and focuses on the latest trends and best products and producers of the international wine scene.


The Kameha Grand Zürich is the premium location that we have selected for our event WineHunter Zürich. Characterized by a unique design and architecture, this unique hotel is the perfect location to organize this elegant event.



3:00pm – 5:00pm

Access only to B2B visitors & press representatives



A journey across the Italian Wine Territories – Con il vino alla scoperta dei territori italiani

The seminar is guided by Helmtuh Köcher, The WineHunter

Please find the wines in tasting in the following section ‘producers’.

Only for expert audience and press

5:00pm – 8pm

Access also to private visitors



A journey across the Italian Wine Territories
Con il vino alla scoperta dei territori italiani

2014 Monteverro Toscana Rosso IGT

2015 Kapnios Beneventano IGP

2015 Tintilia Del Molise DOC

Fattoria di Magliano
2016 Heba Morellino di Scansano DOCG

Antica Enotria
2017 Viccio Primitivo IGT

2017 Vassal Pinot Nero DOC

2017 Gaglioppo Calabira Rosso IGT

Tenuta Fontana
2017 Civico 1 – Campania Sciascinoso IGT


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