Wine&Siena 2019

Masterpieces of Taste 4th Edition

Wine&Siena is an event created to usher in the new year, and is one of many gatherings organized by Gourmet’s International that celebrate and embrace the excellence of Italian wine and cuisine. The event is brought to you by the organizers and creators of the Merano WineFestival, to celebrate The WineHunter Award winning products in Siena, a historical city and symbol of Italian viticulture.

During Wine&Siena, the city itself will be deeply intertwined with the event, immersing producers and visitors in a unique atmosphere where history is reflected within such beautiful sights as Rocca Salimbeni, Monte dei Paschi Siena, the Palazzo Pubblico, the Palazzo del Rettorato and the Grand Hotel Continental of Starhotels Collection (edition 2018).

The goal of Wine&Siena is to promote and enhance the very best of Italian production and become an unforgettable event for professionals and enthusiasts alike, all in the historic context of Siena, a center of Tuscan wine production, and a city appreciated all over the world!

We can’t wait to see you on January 26th and 27th 2019! Come, enjoy and share your passion with us!

Edition 2018

On January 27th and 28th 2018, more than 160 producers presented more than 500 different Italian wines, along with a selection of Austrian and French wines. More than 3,000 people attended the event, among them wine lovers, citizens, over 500 professionals of the sector, and 150 accredited journalists.

The program of last year’s edition was full of appointments: 6 Masterclasses, all sold out; 2 Symposia in collaboration with the University of Siena, and 3 Showcooking events.

An opening toast and the Small Plates Dinner inaugurated Wine&Siena 2018, and was followed by an evening designed to celebrate the excellence of the local cuisine of Siena, creating unique combinations of dishes prepared by restaurants of the city and paired with some of the finest wines of the event.

Ingredients of success

Press Office
A collaboration with a local communications agency to involve citizens, professionals, sommeliers, and operators of the sector with the event.

Media-partnership agreements on paper and web, through television and radio.
Collaboration with the Confcommercio di Siena, the Chamber of Commerce of Siena, and the local authority of Siena, guaranteeing all-round visibility.


“This area has all of the ingredients necessary for growth: skill, history, cultural heritage, and a quality that can make an event such as Wine&Siena unique and create the conditions to make Siena the true capital of Italian wine.”

Helmuth Köcher, president and founder of the Merano WineFestival, and sole administrator of Gourmet’s International and The WineHunter.

“Siena is a capital of wine because of the sheer number of high quality products and denominations of origin.”

Stefano Bernardini, President of Confcommercio Siena

“It was a pleasure to watch people enjoy food, wines, and history in a journey between taste, art, and architecture”

Bruno Valentini mayor of Siena

“The event did not only bring enthusiasts to Siena, but also an entire economic world that is part of the supply chain of wine.”

Massimo Guasconi, President of the Camera di Commercio di Siena


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