WineHunter München Gourmet’s Italia

15 July 2019

WineHunter München Gourmet’s Italia is your unique opportunity to taste selected Italian wines and culinary delicacies and make you feel like spending a day in Italy.

The event is powered by Merano WineFestival in collaboration with the chamber of commerce ‘Italo-Tedesca’ of Munich. The event reflects the concept of excellence and elegance as the corresponding meeting in Merano. Excellence, because all the presented products are selected by Helmuth Köcher and his WineHunter tasting commissions and thus, guarantee highest quality. Elegance, because of the beautiful event location of the Künstlerhaus München.

It is already the 16th edition of WineHunter München and in 2018 we counted over 800 accesses to the event with over 80 wine and food producers from Italy, around 200 expert visitors, 70 press representatives and 50 invited VIP-guests form various sectors of Munich.

Info Location:

Künstlerhaus München

Also the 16th edition is taking place in the Münchner Künstlerhaus. An elegant location situated right in the middle of the city of Munich.


from 1pm to 5pm

B2B Event: Tasting of products rewarded with The WineHunter Award only for expert visitors and press.

from 5pm to 8pm

B2C Event: Tasting of products rewarded with The WineHunter Award open also for private visitors.

from 8pm to 9pm

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