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Gourmet’s International focuses on innovation by realizing projects of sustainability and virtual reality.


Virtual Reality
For more information on the project Virtual Reality please click here.

In the course of our events we organize conferences and symposia on the topic sustainability in connection with food and wine.

Merano WineFestival 2017 – Naturae et Purae. Symposium Quo Vadis? Food & Wine, is the future natural?

Wine&Siena 2018. In collaboration with the University of Siena and Santa Chiara Lab, we organized the symposia Wine Identity – the value of sustainability.

Merano WineFestival 2018 – Round Table Discussion. Il futuro del vino tra cambiamenti climatici, nuove opportunità nella produzione e aspettative dei consumatori

Merano WineFestival 2018 – Natura et Purae. Symposia Vino veleno o vino alimento? Alle radici del bere.