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Merano WineFestival meets Traubenfest Meran

19-20 October 2019

On October 19th and 20th the Merano WineFestival meets the Traubenfest Meran. During the traditional Festa dell’Uva, in a unique atmosphere characterized by folk music, costume parades, and typical Southtyrolian products, The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher organizes, for the second year running, a tasting of wines only from Southtyrol, of course with a selection of local food delicacies.

Anteprima MWF Milano

11-12 October 2019 – Palazzo Bovara

Anteprima Merano WineFestival Milano is the occasion to see a preview of the excellences that will be present at the MWF 2019.

This year for the first time, in the occasion of the Milano Wine Week, we are organizing a preview to the Merano WineFestival in the city of Milan. At the Anteprima Merano WineFesitval Milano producers that were selected for the MWF 2019 are offering their products rewarded with the WineHunter Award Rosso, Gold or Platinum.


Palazzo Bovara is the exclusive location for our Preview to the MWF in Milan. Built during the second half of the XVIII century and located in the very heart of the Lombardian city, this palace is a wonderful example of Milanese neoclassical architecture and, in its glorious past, it used to be the headquarter of the French Embassy under Napoleon in Milan.

Anteprima MWF Hippodrome Merano

28-29 September 2019

The hippodrome of Merano, on the occasion of the 80th Gran Premio Merano Alto Adige, welcomes the oenogastronomic world. In an ad hoc space, designed by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher, it will be possible to get a preview of the flavors and aromas of the Italian peninsula.

The best of the Italian food&wine, selected by The WineHunter commissions and awarded with the WineHunter Award, will be presented in a classy atmosphere, which anticipates the elegant location of the Merano WineFestival.

We will be waiting for you on September 28th and 29th!

Anteprima MWF Roma

14-15 September 2019

During the 4th edition of the Anteprima Merano WineFestival Roma, the wine and food excellency rewarded with The WineHunter Award Rosso, Gold or Platinum, are presented in the Italian capital, in the exclusive and elegant location of the Acquario Romano.

Enjoy showcookings organized in collaboration with les Collectionneurs with the presentation of interesting dishes and taste high quality products that will be part of the Merano WineFestival 2019. The event is an opportunity to exchange opinions, learn the news of the market and enlarge your network.

The 2018 edition was characterized by the Pallini Cocktail Competition, where bartenders created unique drinks while telling the story behind the creation. This rich program provides a unique atmosphere to the Roman event, perfectly in line with the Merano WineFestival which makes it unique.

Anteprima MWF Roma 2018 in numbers:
65 wineries
More than 200 wines for tasting
2 craft breweries and extrawine
500 visitors
90 expert visitors
70 journalists


The Acquario Romano is also known as “Casa dell’Architettura” and is a splendid location in the middle of Rome, easily reachable by public transportation.
Back in 1800 it served as a recreation area, while it is used for theater performances and high level events. The generous hall with its lovely arcades offers the perfect surrounding for tastings of high quality products.

WineHunter München Gourmet’s Italia

15 July 2019

WineHunter München Gourmet’s Italia is your unique opportunity to taste selected Italian wines and culinary delicacies and make you feel like spending a day in Italy.

The event is powered by Merano WineFestival in collaboration with the chamber of commerce ‘Italo-Tedesca’ of Munich. The event reflects the concept of excellence and elegance as the corresponding meeting in Merano. Excellence, because all the presented products are selected by Helmuth Köcher and his WineHunter tasting commissions and thus, guarantee highest quality. Elegance, because of the beautiful event location of the Künstlerhaus München.

It is already the 16th edition of WineHunter München and in 2018 we counted over 800 accesses to the event with over 80 wine and food producers from Italy, around 200 expert visitors, 70 press representatives and 50 invited VIP-guests form various sectors of Munich.

Info Location:

Künstlerhaus München

Also the 16th edition is taking place in the Münchner Künstlerhaus. An elegant location situated right in the middle of the city of Munich.

WineHunter Wien

17 June 2019

WineHunter Wien celebrates its 15 years of excellent wine and food products that were Made in Italy.

Products of certified quality, selected by The WineHunter, Helmuth Köcher, founder of the Merano WineFestival, and rewarded with The WineHunter Award, will be presented at the Viennese Museumquartier, located in the very center of the Austrian capital.

Throughout the day, the audience will learn about some typical Italian gastronomic products, taste various renowned wines, and expand his network in the oenogastonomic industry.

In 2018, the WineHunter Wien has welcomed more than 350 visitors, 30 producers with more than 100 wines, 100 expert visitors, and 40 press representatives.

WineHunter USA

VI edition
29-31 March 2020

The interest in Italian wine and food excellencies is a growing phenomenon in the U.S. The attention towards high-quality products deriving from Italy and capable to mirror its history and tradition are receiving great attention by the American audience.

It is the event’s desire to create an atmosphere of sharing and discovering novelties selected by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher, president of the Merano WineFestival and co-founder of the WineHunter Society in America. This society aims to create a harmonic connection between consumers and wine, offering tangible opportunities to taste, smell, discuss with the producers the romance of their product.

The event is held in the cities of Houston and New Orleans and is organized in collaboration with the ITALY-AMERICA Chamber of Commerce in Texas.

The past edition in numbers:

• 18 producers of wine and oil
• More than 60 trade visitors
• About 30 private visitors

New Orleans:
• 15 producers of wine and oil
• More than 25 trade visitors
• Over 100 visitors of the Italian consulate of Philadelphia

The event will be confirmed on January 7th 2020 with a minimum of 15 producers.

WineHunter Zürich

II edition
2 March 2020

WineHunter Zürich is set in a prestigious location and is the proper moment to get to know the best that the Italian wine production has to offer. The event is aimed at an audience of experts of the referred sector. Take advantage of this moment and taste fine Italian wines chosen by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher, president of the Merano WineFestival.
The event is organized in collaboration with Vinum: the Swiss magazine dedicated to the world of wine.

A great success of the first edition was the guided wine tasting held by the WineHunter Helmuth Koecher presenting the Italian wine territory by explaining the wine that represents the respective land.

The past edition in numbers:
• 345 registered visitors
• 120 of which trade visitors
• 70 participants at the Masterclass


The event will be confirmed on January 7th 2020 with a minimum of 35 producers.

WineHunter Zürich

June 3rd 2019

Grand Kameha Zürich

WineHunter Zürich is the first event in the Swiss city organized by Gourmet’s International in collaboration with the magazine Vinum.

Set in a unique and elegant location, WineHunter Zürich is the opportunity to get to know the best of Italy’s production. The event is targeted to a professional audience of experts and journalists in the wine field. Do not miss the chance to taste in one evening a selection of Italian wines, chosen by Helmuth Köcher, organizer of the Merano WineFestival.

Also a guided tastings, a Masterclass is taking place and will be lead by Helmuth Köcher, The WineHunter himself. Get to know different vintages of a specific wine in a calm setting, while listening to the story behind the wine and its production. The topic of the tasting is yet to be defined.

In order to affirm the presence of an expert Swiss audience the event is organized in collaboration with Vinum, leading Swiss magazine for the world of wine. Founded in 1980, Vinum is the biggest European magazine devoted to wine. Its readership comes from France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Spain. Every month it presents to its public more than 300 selected wines and focuses on the latest trends and best products and producers of the international wine scene.


The Kameha Grand Zürich is the premium location that we have selected for our event WineHunter Zürich. Characterized by a unique design and architecture, this unique hotel is the perfect location to organize this elegant event.

WineHunter USA Tour Houston / New Orleans

6th Edition
3-5 June 2019

In the United States the interest in Italian excellences is an ever-growing phenomenon. It is synonym to an increasing attention to high-quality wines and products that are not only able to describe Italy, its history and traditions, but also, to match and to enhance numerous dishes and flavors from all over the world.

The desire to create an atmosphere of dialogue and the discovery of new products has inspired Helmuth Köcher, founder of the Merano WineFestival and cofounder of the WineHunter Society in America. That is why the WineHunter USA tour presents some of the best Italian producers to a professional American audience. Producers introduce their wines rich in history and emotions, and their culinary excellences to importers, distributers, industry professionals, and to a selected audience.


Houston, Texas – Hughes Manor

New Orleans, Louisiana – Southern Food and Beverage Museum

WineHunter USA Tour 2018 in numbers:


18 producers of wine and oil
More than 60 trade visitors
More than 30 private visitors


15 producers of wine and oil
More than 25 trade visitors
More than 100 visitors of the Italian consulate in Philadelphia

INFO! The event is to be confirmed on April 12th with the minimum of 15 participating producers.